Jungwiealt Robot Component Rubber Stamps

I suppose this is a week where I get to discover all kinds of neat rubber stamps. Today’s example are these robot stamps by Jungwiealt, a German stationery company run by illustrator Barbara Dziadosz and her husband Felix Jung, an industrial designer.

As a side note, I love what their company name means:

Since our family name is Jung, which means “young” in German, we decided to call the our company Jungwiealt, which means “young like old.” The name Jungwiealt, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to not only our little family, but also the fun and quirky style in which I illustrate children’s books, as well as images geared more towards adults.

Anyway, the 28 wood-backed stamps in this set depict various shapes — from simple geometric ones to more complex ones — and robotic parts, which can be stamped in such a way that you create your own cute ink robot characters.

This would make a fun gift for an ingenuitive kid, and it’s available for $30 on Etsy. However, be aware that as of April 8th, 2020, shipping to the U.S. has been temporarily halted due to coronavirus concerns. You can still place an order, just know that it probably won’t get to you for a while.