Jillmo Glass Ship Whiskey Decanter Set

Unlike a wine decanter, having a whiskey decanter on your home bar is less of a functional thing and more an aesthetic one. Whether you pour straight from the bottle or transfer some to a decanter before serving, the end result tastes about the same.

But since when has functionality been the be-all and end-all of every purchase? It’s right there in our site footer: “A man buys something for two reasons: a good reason and the real reason.” And the real reason here is that dispensing from this decorative decanter is simply more novel. (Plus, you can control how much you end up serving to guests by concealing how much you really have left 😉)

Inside the lead-free crystal glass cylinder — which itself rests on a nice little wooden stand — is a detailed glass-blown sailing ship that at times can appear to be “floating” on your spirit of choice.


When dispensing from the spigot below, it helps to loosen the top glass stopper to allow air into the vessel and increase the pouring flow.

The set that includes two whiskey glasses is $64 on Amazon as of this writing, while the 4-glass set is $74.