JianHan Reversible Micro-USB Cables

At this point it’s safe to say my family has accumulated way more micro-USB devices than Lightning ones. Between our dear old Wi-Fi hotspot, cheap-o walkie-talkies, my iPad Air 2 keyboard, a Bluetooth speaker, my wife’s Android phone, our son’s tablet, and probably other things I’m forgetting, we’re always in need of more micro-USB cables. around here.

These reversible cables are among the neater options I’ve come across. The micro-USB side and USB-A ends are both able to be plugged in without having to worry which side is up. They sport braided nylon cables and come in a nice red color that’s easy to spot if you misplace one.

The $10 three-pack includes cables of varying lengths: one 1.5-foot, one 3.3-foot, and one 6-foot.