Jarvis Standing Desk

For the last two years, I’ve been standing at work. I’ll save you the details, but I’d never go back to sitting all day. Standing gives me energy. I feel much better. Up until recently, I had been using a cheap modification to turn my current desk into a standing model.

After two years, my boss was finally convinced that I am going to stand for good. He told me to find some options for actual standing desks. After talking with Ben Brooks, I decided to go with a Jarvis.

I have the black frame with the mahogany top. I also added the dual monitor stand (one for my laptop and the other for a monitor). I couldn’t be happier. Assembly was fairly easy; I got it unboxed and assembled within an hour. While it can convert to a sitting desk, I doubt I’ll ever use it. The desk is well made, and it’s the perfect size for my needs.

Prices start at $650, but can go up depending on what options you add.