Jarmazing Mason Jar Syrup Dispensers

As part of my ongoing espresso habit, I’ve taken to making my own sweetener syrups at home. Right now my favorite recipe involves a brown sugar simple syrup (1 cup brown sugar to every ¾ cup water) with pure cinnamon and vanilla extract added, along with a bit of kosher salt to enhance the taste. Tastes like falltime year-round.

But how to store the stuff? Well, take a look at these mason jar dispensers from Jarmazing Products. I will never be able to say the company’s name out loud without adding a valley girl accent, but whateverrr — these things are so great. Or rather, the lids are actually what make them awesome, since the jars are just…well, jars.

You can fill them up with not only homemade syrups, but also DIY dipping sauces, salad dressings, you name it. You could maybe get away with honey, but if it’s real thick stuff, the pump might gunk up after a bit. Stay on top of washing it out, that’s all I can tell ya.

Get a set of two 16oz jars + pump lids for $22 on Amazon.