Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones

I don’t know why, but our household is apparently cursed when it comes to headphones.

In the last couple months, my Apple EarPods and two (!) pairs of on-ear headphones have lost audio on one side due to issues within their cables. Honestly though, I get sick of dealing with headphone cables anyway—especially on walks or when I’m cleaning around the house while listening to podcasts—so my next set will likely be wireless.

As always, I consulted The Wirecutter while doing research, and they recommend the Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones. They’re not the only ones who like these headphones either; the Amazon reviews clock in at 4.5 stars with 222 ratings!

From everything I’m reading, they are apparently quite comfortable and sound surprisingly good for what they are. The volume controls are pretty neat too. From The Wirecutter‘s review:

“The sides of the headphones are touch sensitive (rather than using push buttons) and look like little rubber records. To increase/decrease volume, you glide your finger in a circular motion forward or back. To change tracks, you tap the front or back of the circle. The volume adjusts the volume level within the phone, not just boosting dB in the headphones. This means that you don’t have to dig in your bag to mess with your your device if its volume is set too low.”

If you’re in need of nice Bluetooth headphones, check out the Jabra REVOs. They’re $190-$197 on Amazon depending on the color you choose—black, grey, or white.