Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Skillet

An omelette is one of those dishes that on the surface seems simple to make, but is difficult to actually master. In culinary schools it is common for student exams to involve preparing an omelette. A perfect omelette is the mark of a well-trained chef.

So why not give yourself an edge by using a pan specifically designed for the job? The Iwachu cast iron omelette skillet is uniquely shaped to easily fold and plate an omelette without ruining this delicous dish at the last second. And, because it’s made of cast iron (which we’ve have a guide to caring for), the pan heats very evenly. The curved handle is shaped so that it doesn’t get quite as hot to the touch as the straight handle of a typical cast iron skillet, but we’d still recommend keeping a skillet handle mitt around, just in case.

The medium-sized pan is $71 at Amazon, while the larger version is $112. Either way you go, as long as you properly care for your pan, it should outlive you.