iOttie “Auto Sense 2” Auto-Clamping Car Phone Mount + Wireless Charger

iOttie’s original Auto Sense car mount made getting into your car feel a little more like living in the future, thanks to the proximity sensor that automatically opens the cradle’s arms as your smartphone approaches and then snugly closes them around it to begin delivering a wireless charge.

In case you missed it, last November they released an updated version called the Auto Sense 2, which brought several upgrades to the table:

  1. Enhanced device detection.
  2. An improved cradle with vent holes for increased airflow.
  3. A new support foot design.
  4. Faster charging speeds for devices that support it (now 15W max, although iPhones are still limited to 7.5W).


As with the original model, there’s no fiddling with release buttons or cables to worry about every time you get in the vehicle. Placing your phone on the cradle is completely a one-handed operation, and you can easily rotate, swivel, and tilt the device to suit your needs.

What’s more, it has an internal battery that stays charged for up to an hour after the USB-C cable is unplugged or the vehicle is turned off. Pretty convenient, that.


There are three different versions of the Auto Sense 2 to choose from:

  1. Dash + Windshield mount ($60)
  2. Air Vent mount ($60)
  3. Dash Mount for folding phones ($65) — Compatible with Google Pixel Fold, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip