Integral Design’s Collapsible Portable Chopsticks

If you do a lot of traveling and/or eating food from street vendors, it pays to always keep your own eating utensils on hand. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Reusability β€” You don’t end up wasting a bunch of disposable plasticware everywhere you go.
  2. Sanitation β€” You don’t have to worry about bacteria from restaurant/vendor utensils that may not be very well-washed.

These portable, collapsible chopsticks are a pretty good solution. When fully extended, they function like typical chopsticks, but when you’re finished eating (and after cleaning them off), the plastic tips collapse into the stainless steel handles. The included stand doubles as a clip to hold them together while they’re collapsed, and the whole thing can be tossed into a small bag pocket or wherever else you like.


Get the chopsticks in a variety of colors for $16 on Amazon.

(Another option worth checking out is this 4-piece travel cutlery set ($14). The chopsticks don’t collapse, but it does include a knife, fork, and spoon, all with a washable neoprene carrying case.)