Instant “Vortex Plus XL” 8-Quart Dual-Basket Air Fryer

If you love your air fryer but often find yourself wishing you could have two batches of food cooking at once, then Instant’s Vortex Plus XL is the appliance for you. This thing is a beast, capable of handling up to 8 quarts of food at once across two side-by-side baskets, each with its own set of controls so you can adjust them for separate purposes (e.g. an entrée in one basket and a side dish in the other).

I really like the see-through windows on the front of each basket, allowing a clear video of the food as it’s cooking without having to stop the process. There are also smart programs built into the Vortex Plus XL that help synchronize cooking times between the two baskets, whether you’re preparing two different kinds of dishes or simply different proportions of the same thing.

Another nice touch is that, unlike so many air fryers out there, the handles for both baskets are attached at the top and bottom, which offers a greater feeling of control and stability when handling them.

The Instant Vortex Plus XL is $180 on Amazon, where you can read more about all the neat features it brings to the table countertop.