InnovativeMap Scratch-Off US & World Maps

In the full-time RVing community, you often meet people who have a sticker map on the outside of their rig showing off all the US states they’ve traveled through. (There’s also a lot of debate about what should be required to earn a sticker: merely staying overnight there as you pass through, staying multiple nights, or staying at least one night and doing some kind of activity there?)

I rather like scratch-off maps like these instead, which are more fun to add to, can be framed and hung on a wall inside, and look cooler besides. This particular set includes both a United States map (17″ x 11″) and a larger world map (24″ x 17″), each of which includes a grid of scratch-off flags along the bottom for the states and/or countries that match the geographical locations you scratch off above.

This is a fun way to track your own travels, or a great gift for someone else to track theirs. Get the set for $20 on Amazon.