Inflatable Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Those of you who do a lot of long-distance traveling already know how hard it can be to get decent sleep on the way. There’s a reason most people don’t like 12- to 14-hour flights and train rides.

Now, I’ve always hated those neck-brace pillow things and have never found a way to get comfortable with them, but this inflatable travel pillow is something I can get behind. With a design inspired by massage chairs, you can place this pillow on your lap or the tray table in front of you and then lean forward onto it, with your face and arms fitting through their respective “windows” on the top and sides.

Looks a little goofy I suppose, but who cares? Getting that rest is way more important than what the other passengers think. You don’t have to use it for JUST sleeping either; you can put some headphones on, set your phone inside the arm tube, and have yourself a private movie watching experience.

The pillow takes maybe 5 to 7 breaths to inflate, and when you’re done, the air is released with the press of a button. You can then roll the pillow up and fit it into the little drawstring bag it comes with.

Ralthy, the company selling this particular pillow, has it listed for $17 on Amazon. There are also a bunch of nearly identical competitors to choose from, all priced between $15 and $20.