Infinity Jars — Ultraviolet Glass Jars, Bottles, and Other Containers

If the shelf life of various goods around the home is a concern of yours, then you should take a look at Infinity Jars. This company produces a whole bunch of chic-looking glass jars and bottles that block out all forms of harmful visible light (which would otherwise accelerate decay) while letting through beneficial infrared and UV-A rays to better preserve the freshness of the contents within.

You can store all kinds of things in these thick glass containers — spices, herbs, dried rice or grains, seeds, teas (loose leaf or bagged), coffee beans, cooking oils, cosmetics, bath salts, essential oils…the list goes on. They come in all shapes and sizes too, so there’s a container for every use-case you can imagine. They even carry mist sprayers, eyedroppers, and push pumps.


Go check out their store page on Amazon to browse the full collection. If I may make a recommendation, start with the tall screw-top jars for your kitchen storage needs.