Induxpert 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

I feel like I’ve been talking about Andrew Rea’s Binging With Babish YouTube cooking show a lot lately. Will I apologize for it though? Nope!

If you watch his show, you’ll notice that the Induxpert 1800-watt induction cooker appears in most of the episodes. I presume he picked one of these up because it was easier to film himself cooking than if he were standing at his stovetop range, but there are any number of reasons other people might also want to get one.

You may ask, “Why would I need to buy a standalone cooktop when I already have several burners on my stove?” I can name several situations where this thing could be useful for you or someone you know:

  • Hosting large parties, when you’ll find there never seem to be enough burners to go around (whether it’s for cooking or simply keeping dishes warm).
  • Living in a small space, where a portable burner can help two people stay out of each other’s way (my wife and I had this issue in a tiny apartment kitchen years ago).
  • Living in a college dorm, where chances are slim that there’s any cooktop around at all.
  • Camping/RVing, offering the same benefit as the “small space” item above, plus the ability to cook outside. Also useful if you run out of propane and won’t get to refill it for a while.
  • Remodeling your kitchen and/or replacing your range, meaning you can still cook while the new stuff is being installed/delivered.
  • When your apartment gas gets shut off, so you’re not up a creek just because they’re doing maintenance in the building.
  • And of course, filming a popular YouTube cooking show. Because we all do that, right?

Whatever you’d need an induction cooktop for, the Induxpert 1800 is super easy to use and accomodates a variety of skillet and pot sizes (anywhere from 4.7″ to 10.2″ circumference). The kicker here is that any cookware you use on it has to be magnetic, so keep that in mind before buying. You can easily test this by touching a fridge magnet to the bottom of any pot/pan and see if it sticks. If it does, you’re good to go.

You can use the Induxpert cooker in “Power” mode to select one of nine wattage settings (ranging from 200–1800) or in “Temperature” mode to select one of ten temperatures (from 140°F–464°F). When you’re done, simply let it cool down and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Get the Induxpert 1800 for $55 on Amazon.