inCharge “All in One” Keychain Charging Cable

In the same way that you never have to be without the right tool on your key ring, you also don’t have to go without the right charging adapter, thanks to the inCharge All-in-One keychain cable.

Designed by a team of clever people in Switzerland, the All in One is a short, flexible (in more ways than one) cable that folds in half and snaps together with N52 (neodymium) magnets whenever you’re not using it, so it stays securely on whatever key ring, carabiner, or loop you run it through first.


On one end of the cable is your typical USB-A tip, while the other end has a Lightning connector that they’ve somehow integrated micro-USB connectivity into, over which you can optionally place an included USB-C adapter, so the cable works with pretty much anything you need it to. Like I said, clever.


Get the inCharge All in One for $19 on Amazon in a variety of colors and either TPE or PU leather.