Impress Coffee Brewer

The Impress Coffee Brewer is a combination coffee press and travel mug that aims to make the brewing process a breeze. Put some freshly ground coffee in the press, pour in some hot water and let it brew for a few minutes, then insert the “cup” piece and push down all the way.

It’s a lot like brewing with an AeroPress, except you’re not brewing into a separate cup — the brewer is the cup.

The inner cup piece acts as a reverse-flow filter, so the coffee brews “inward” into the cup and the grounds stay in the outer press portion until you’re finished drinking and have to clean up. The whole thing is topped off by a heat-resistant silicone drinking lid.

If you live in the U.S., the Impress Brewer can be purchased at Designbox for $40. If you live in the UK, it’s £32.99 at TheFowndry, and if you’re in Australia, it’s $50 at Wayfair.