IKAPE Colorful Wooden Bottomless Portafilter for Various Espresso Machines

If you loved those dazzling wooden kitchen utensils I recently wrote about and you have a home espresso machine in need of an accessories upgrade, then you’ve gotta check out these rainbow-colored portafilters from IKAPE.

The handles are machined from 100% natural mahogany wood that has bright, almost oil-slick-like splashes of color running the entire length of it. They make any machine feel more magical to use, and the grain pattern is different for each one so you can be assured yours is totally unique to you.


They offer it in various sizes, such as a 51mm three-ear variant designed for the De’Longhi Dedica and similar machines, a 54mm three-eared one for the Breville Barista Express and its siblings, and a 58mm two-eared model for dreamy high-end E61 machines from the likes of Rocket, Slayer, etc. Be sure to check the machine compatibility listings before purchasing!

Get the rainbow portafilter for around $60 on Amazon. If the colorful look isn’t quite your thing, they also offer a ‘tuxedo’-esque model and one that I would call a darker ‘mocha’ style.