iGrill 2

The iGrill 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer designed for pros and serious enthusiasts but simple enough for amateur grillers to use.

Building on the design and features of the original iGrill, the iGrill 2 has upped its probe capacity from 2 to 4 (though it only comes with two) and can now be magnetically mounted onto the side of your grill or smoker. The free iDevices Connected app for iOS can simultaneously monitor all four color-coded probes from a distance of up to 150ft away, so you can leave the grill for a while without fear of things getting out of hand.

iGrill 2 has a battery life of 150 hours on 2 AA’s, and it has a proximity sensor that lights up the front display so you can easily walk up and check the temperature readout without having to fiddle with buttons. It also has ultrasonic sensors that detect if you’re running low on propane (if that’s your thing), and will alert you via the app about the nearest location to get more.

Get the iGrill 2 from Amazon for $100.

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