Idea Up Reversible-Sequin Pillow Case

Ever walked by one of those reversible-sequin pillows in a store and you idly swipe your hand across it and think, Heh, that’s neat, and before you know it you’ve spent fifteen minutes fiddling with the thing and drawing designs on it? You oughta pick up a magic pillow case of your own.

You’ll have to get a separate 16″ x 16″ pillow insert since it doesn’t come with one, but once you’ve got it all put together, I bet you’ll always want to keep the pillow in reach. If nothing else, it’ll always be an attention grabber/conversation starter for anyone who comes over to visit.

Each pillow case is about $8–$11 on Amazon depending on your color of choice. The particular ones pictured above are mermaid green + black, gold + black, and purple + blue, respectively.