iClever BK09 Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Released a couple months ago (March 2024), iClever’s BK09 foldable keyboard is like a newer, expanded cousin to the BK05 model I wrote about in 2019 (and which released in 2015).

The basic idea is similar in that it’s a nondescript clamshell case you can easily fit into a bag pocket, and opens up into a fully functional Bluetooth keyboard to handle any typing jobs you’d rather not do with onscreen keys — no matter where you happen to be.


The main differences here are 1) the numeric keypad at the right end, and 2) USB-C charging instead of micro-USB. The first of those is obviously the bigger deal, especially for anyone whose work has requires a lot of calculating and/or data entry.

One feature I’m happy they kept is the ability to pair the keyboard with up to three devices, which you can switch between by pressing fn+Q, fn+W, or fn+E respectively.

There are plenty of other key shortcuts you can use as well, and they’re adaptable to Mac/iOS, Android, and Windows devices as needed:


Get the iClever BK09 keyboard for $40 on Amazon.