iA Writer 5 for iOS

A few days ago, iA Writer for iOS updated to version 5, making it a more robust writing app than ever. Here’s a rundown of what’s new (with the most important ones bolded):

  • Quick Search: This awesome feature lets you find files and perform actions — Open, Export, Browse Versions, etc — directly from the on-screen keyboard (it’s the magnifying glass on the left end). Type “Help” and it’ll show you a list of all possible functions.
  • Custom Commands: Tap the button on the right end of the keyboard toolbar and it’ll trade the QWERTY keyboard for a grid of custom command keys. Give any one of them a long tap to move it or swap it for a different command.
  • Favorite Folders: Keep your most-used folders at the top level of the Library for easy access.
  • Smart Folders: Craft your own folders based on various rules, sort of like saved search results.
  • Library Edit Mode: Select multiple files and folders at a time to be moved, renamed or deleted.
  • iPhone X ready
  • Improved URL schemes
  • 3D Touch in Library
  • GitHub template added to defaults
  • TeX Math support in all templates
  • Smart tables

And of course, all the features users have come to love are still there, such as Focus Mode and WordPress/Medium publishing.

If you don’t already own iA Writer, it’s just $5 on the iOS App Store.