‘I Am Marie Curie’ and ‘I Am Walt Disney’ by Brad Meltzer

It’s been a while since I’ve written about any of Brad Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change the World picture books for kids, but he’s always releasing new ones. Two of them just came out yesterday, in fact: I Am Marie Curie and I Am Walt Disney, which, in the usual style, presents these two historic figures as childlike versions of themselves, telling their own life stories.


Marie Curie’s book tells the tale of her perseverance and hard, groundbreaking scientific work that resulted in her winning not one, but two Nobel prizes, and in two different sciences at that (physics and chemistry). She was the first women to do either of those things, and to this day is still the only female multiple-laureate.

I Am Marie Curie comes in these formats:


Walt Disney’s book, on the other hand, introduces the visionary animator and theme park wizard to a new generation of dreamers who might one day use their creativity to make the world a more magical place.

I Am Walt Disney is available in the same formats:

You can find these books and more on Brad Meltzer’s Amazon author page, including the upcoming I Am Leonardo da Vinci (slated for release on April 14th, 2010).