HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker

Want a glass of cold coffee but don’t have the patience for dealing with special brewing methods? With the HyperChiller V2, you could have some in about one minute after brewing a fresh pot. It’s essentially a glorified ice pack made just for this purpose.

There are three nested stainless steel chambers that easily screw into each other. The outer (large) and inner (small) chambers are filled with an exact amount of water, then twisted together before being put in the freezer. After ~12 hours, you can pour fresh hot coffee into the recessed, angled area of the lid, which flows into an empty chamber between the two layers of ice — and most importantly, the coffee never touches the ice, so there’s no dilution happening here.

Give the thing a gentle swirl and in 60 seconds your coffee will be chilled by up to 130°F, which you can then pour into your drinking vessel of choice. If you want to make a second cup for someone else in your house, you can immediately use it again, except it’ll take about 2 minutes that time before needing to go back into the freezer.

This is a pretty clever device, and you can grab it for $30 on Amazon.