Hydro Life HL-170 Under-Counter RV Water Filter

Fellow RVers: You know how there’s no way of knowing what kind of tap water quality you’re going to get at each campground you park in? Here’s a quick weekend project idea for you: Install the Hydro Life HL-170 water filter under your kitchen sink — where the city water inlet tends to head first — to make your water cleaner, better tasting, and ultimately safer to drink.

The filter is made from…

  1. GAC (granular activated carbon), which has a very high amount of surface area to adsorb contaminants over the course of a year or so.
  2. KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion), a filter media made of finely granulated zinc and copper alloys that also helps reduce contaminants but also makes the filter bacteriostatic, meaning that bacteria can’t grow on the surface of the filter and shorten its life.

These things are tightly packed in the filter so that all water is forced to interact with the media, making it more efficient and giving you the highest water quality possible.

The filter alone is $37 on Amazon, or you can get the whole installation kit for $43.