Hudson’s Bay “Point” Blankets

Hudson’s Bay Company has been world-renowned for their 100% wool “point” blankets since they began making them in 1779. There are two good reasons for that:

  1. If properly cared for, these blankets can last several generations. I’ve heard stories of blankets still being used 70 years after their purchase date, and I’m sure others out there possess even older ones.
  2. They keep you warm and dry in most any temperature/weather. It’s kinda crazy how well they work.

Like those sold in the 18th century, today’s blankets are made in england with wool blended from sources in england, wales, new zealand, and india. Each type of wool is selected for qualities that help create a water-resistant, soft, warm, and strong final product. The wool is dyed before it is spun and then air- and sun-dried to brighten the colors.

The blankets come in a number of sizes, which is where the “point” system comes in — contrary to what some believe, the points are not an indicator of quality or weight, only of size:

  • 4-point ($299) — Full size.
  • 6 point ($356) — Queen size.
  • 8-point ($444) — King size. I’ve seen this one offered at $550 before, so $444 actually isn’t too bad a deal.

Yes, these are expensive blankets. But when you consider the fact that you may never need to buy another blanket, not to mention the cost savings that will come from not having to run the heater in your house as high, they are quite fairly priced.