Hoodman Drone Launch & Landing Pad

A good landing pad is a surprisingly useful thing for drone pilots to have. It protects the drone from all sorts of things when landing:

  • Tall grass getting caught in the rotors
  • Rocks on the ground scratching up the camera lens (or worse)
  • Dirt getting sucked through the motor bearings
  • etc.

The pad should also be waterproof so you can land in wet grass or even muddy areas, no problem. This landing pad by Hoodman fits the bill. It’s a super bright orange color so it’s easy to spot while landing, and it has a weighted ring around the edge that keeps it from flying away in the wind. That edge actually makes it a little tricky to fold when it’s time to store the thing, but it is possible.

The pad comes in two sizes:

  • 3-foot ($60) β€” Best option for most people.
  • 5-foot ($100) β€” This one’s huge, so I’d only get it if you’re using your drone for high-end pro shoots.