HomeRight Paint Roller Cleaning Kit

Here’s something that would’ve come in handy for us when we were repainting our RV interior last summer. HomeRight’s paint roller cleaning kit comes with two pieces that help with one of the worst parts about painting: cleaning up afterwards.

  1. Roller Cleaner: Attaches to any standard sink faucet — or garden hose, if you don’t want to mess up your nice sink and you don’t have a utility one in your garage — and redirects the water flow as an inward ring, allowing you to slide a paint roller up and down through it to clean it on all sides.
  2. Handy Painter’s Tool: This is three tools in one: 1) a putty knife, 2) a comb for cleaning paint out of brushes, and 3) it has a ring that you can use to push a bunch of excess paint off a roller and back into the can.

People seem to have mixed feelings about the painter’s tool, but they all agree that the roller cleaner is ace. It only takes a few minutes to clean a given roller, so you can just be done with the thing as soon as possible.

Get the kit for under $5 on Amazon.