hOmeLabs “Chill Pill” Countertop Ice Maker

In November 2019 I wrote about a countertop ice maker, which is a surprisingly handy thing to have for those of us living in an RV (or anywhere small enough not to have a freezer with a dedicated ice maker). Since then, the Amazon listing for it has disappeared, replaced by the “Chill Pill” model.

Like the last ice maker, the Chill Pill produces up to 26 pounds of ice cubes (well, ice thimbles really) a day, with less than ten minutes needed per 9-piece batch. It’s pretty great. And like before, the machine is super easy to operate, with any ice that melts within the unit getting recycled back into the reservoir to be re-frozen again rather than causing an eventual overflow.

I like that it has a removable ice bucket for easy transfer to the freezer, in case you don’t need to use your ice immediately:


Get the hOmeLabs “Chill Pill” countertop ice maker for $130 on Amazon.