HoldFast “Money Maker Solo” Camera Strap

Photo above is a screengrab from Steve Huff’s video review, which offers some great closeups of this strap starting at the 7:27 mark.

HoldFast β€” whose products we’ve featured previously β€” is an Oklahoma-based company that produces fine leather goods for photographers and travelers. A few months ago, they released the Money Maker Solo, a cross-body leather strap based on the original multi-camera Money Maker but designed for single-camera shooters.

The comfortable shoulder pad has a second stabilizer strap that goes underneath your arm to keep the entire thing in place without digging into your skin, even if you’re carrying a large camera on it.

The included belt anchor is an awesome addition that allows you to…well, anchor the camera on your belt (it’s right there in the name, folks) so you can stay active, bend over, or do whatever else you need to do without your camera swinging forward or getting in your way. When you’re ready to shoot, pull the leather tab and your camera’s free to pull upward, and can be re-anchored again one-handed.

HoldFast founder Matthew Swaggart made a 4-minute demonstration video for the Solo:

The Money Maker Solo comes in five colors:

  1. Chestnut ($175)
  2. Tan ($175)
  3. Water Buffalo Burgundy ($185)
  4. Water Buffalo Black ($185)
  5. Water Buffalo Tan ($185)