Hiware Extra-Wide Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

There are plenty of reasons to recommend a set of stainless steel drinking straws — namely, their durability and reusability — but there are some caveats worth mentioning: For one, it’s not always easy to tell how clean they are inside. For another, unless you have some with silicone tips (which are super easy to lose), they really don’t have the greatest mouthfeel (or is it teethfeel?).

Another fantastic alternative to disposable straws are these reusable borosilicate glass ones, which to your teeth feel more akin to sipping from the rim of a glass cup, plus they’re see-through so you can always be certain about their level of cleanliness.


Moreover, you won’t get any sort of metallic taste by drinking through these, and because they’re nice and wide (½” diameter), you can use them for things like shakes, smoothies, boba tea, etc., no problem.

You can get a set of four extra-wide straws for $9. They also offer a set of eight narrow straws for the same price. Both types are 10″ tall and come with one or two cleaning brushes, respectively.