Hitch & Timber Pocket Tool Pouch

Hitch and Timber, makers of those gorgeous Notebook Caddy leather wallets we wrote about back in 2017, also offer the best-selling Pocket Tool Pouch, a robust EDC pocket organizer designed to hold your daily essentials (such as a pocket knife or multi-tool, a mini flashlight, and other bits and bobs).


It’s handcrafted in the US from 10 oz waxed canvas and features a heavy duty YKK zipper and brass D-ring, so the quality and construction here are both truly top-notch.


The Hitch & Timber Pocket Tool Pouch goes for $55 on their Etsy page, as well as from their own site.

If this pouch isn’t quite your style, there are loads of alternatives you can find around Etsy and on Amazon. Heck, we’ve mentioned a few previously, so maybe one of those will work for you.