Hessaire MC61V Portable Evaporative Cooler

As our weird life circumstances have brought us to hot, dry southern California, where the high has been over 100°F every single day — and has occasionally soared north of 110°F 🥵 — you can imagine that staying cool has very much been on my mind of late.

People who live in places like this know how effective an evaporative cooler (aka “swamp cooler”) can be for staying comfortable. They’re not the kind of thing that can keep an entire home cool down into the 60°s or 70°s on a super hot day, but during the morning and evening hours when it’s still quite warm outside and you just want to enjoy sitting on your patio, that’s where they shine.

While the Hessaire MC61V cooler is admittedly a bit of an eyesore with its industrial looks, it does the dang job you want it to do. It can cool up to 1,600 square feet at a rate of up to 5,300 cubic feet per minute — it’s much larger and more powerful than this 200 ft^2 one we’ve mentioned before — so it’s great for not only your patio, but also for using in a workshop or garage, in your backyard during the cookout, while tailgating or camping, etc.

Even if the outside temps are hovering somewhere over 100°F, this thing’s powerful enough to bring the area around it down to the mid-80°s, which can be a total game changer.

Not much else to say than that. If you live in a dry desert climate, get this swamp cooler for $636 on Amazon and enjoy that chilly breeze 🌬️❄️😌