Hershey’s “Golden Almond” Dark Chocolate Bars

At some point when I was a kid, I discovered I loved the Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds, and I still enjoy the occasional one to this day. My only gripe about them is that it never feels like I’m getting as many almonds as I’d like, and I’m more into dark chocolate than milk chocolate anyway.

Well, yesterday my family and I visited Hershey’s Chocolate World for maybe the fourth time since we began traveling full-time in 2015. And you can’t leave from the place without buying some candy, right? So I browsed around looking for anything I hadn’t tried before. They had all kinds of curious stuff too, like blueberry muffin Kit Kats and orange cream filled Twizzlers and Reese’s cups with potato chips inside.

And you know what eventually caught my eye instead? These “Golden Almond” dark chocolate bars, which are basically what I’ve always wanted the regular almond bars (and even the “Special Dark” versions) to be. The chocolate is much thicker, it simply tastes better (although it could stand to go even darker, IMO), and each bar is loaded with almonds:


This is one of those treats my wife might have to hide from me because I will go through an entire box in no time flat.

You can get a box of your own for $28 on Amazon, which contains five individually wrapped 2.8-ounce bars. Perfect thing to give as a gift, unless your temptation wins out before the box can change hands. 🍫🤤