Heath Ceramics “Universe” Kitchen Utensil Crock

Released as part of their limited new Summer Seasonal 2021, Heath Ceramics’ gorgeous “Universe” cooking utensil crock brings a bit of the night sky to your kitchen countertop.

Using a special glazing technique, they delicately layer an opaque white color onto a glossy and deeply dark blue (almost purple) “Midnight” background, resulting in multi-hued speckles that resemble an elegant starry field. Careful you don’t lose yourself staring into its depths while dinner’s on.

As a counterpoint to this ‘universe’ look, they leave the entire upper rim unglazed — a style they’re well known for — which creates a rustic, almost brassy accent that makes this handcrafted, unique-to-you piece stand out all the more.

You can get this large utensil crock for $285 at Heath Ceramics. They also offer colorways like “Shell and Dark Moon” and “Opaque White and Matte Brown” that are $261 each.