HDHomeRun Extend

Late last year, I picked up the HDHomeRun Extend to install in my house. I’ve been a “cord cutter” since 2012, we’ve always had antennas plugged into our TVs. I also run a Plex server for our local media server (ripped DVDs, etc). By adding the HDHomeRun Extend, I can now watch live TV and have a DVR right inside of Plex (PlexPass subscription required). I chose the Extend model because it can convert MPEG2 (from the antenna) to MPEG4 inside the box. MPEG4 is a much smaller file size, so it puts less of a strain on your network.

Since I already had the antenna installed in my upstairs bonus room (highest location in the house), it took me about 3 minutes to configure it. We can now watch live TV and schedule recordings on Apple TV and iOS.

Buy the HDHomeRun Extend on Amazon for $179.99.