Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel

I’ve been a big Harry’s fan since my first order. I use a Winston razor day to day, and I have always used Harry’s shave cream. After an overseas friend sent me a $10 off coupon he received, I decided to pick up a 6.7 oz bottle of the foaming gel.

My biggest complaint about most shaving creams is that I cannot judge how much I will need. I either get out way too little or way too much. That is honestly the main reason I had stayed away from this product earlier. I liked Harry’s shave cream because it was easier to control and judge how much I dispensed.

After a few weeks with the foaming gel, I am hooked. I’ll likely never go back to the cream. Why do I like it? First, it smells incredible. After I apply it, I smell like I just put cologne on. Secondly, my skin has never been less irritated after a shave. It includes licorice root extract that seems to do wonders for my skin. If you’ve always struggled with irritated skin after a shave, you will definitely want to check out the foaming shave gel from Harry’s.

Get a large bottle for $12, and it includes free shipping.