Hammock Sky’s Brazilian Double Hammock

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s a few days ’til Christmas 2017 and I’m sitting here posting about a dang hammock to you guys. Putting aside that it can be used indoors or outdoors, you have to remember that this site is meant to be evergreen, so it’ll be just as legit a recommendation come summertime, or you can think of it as a gift idea that’ll come in handy in a few months. (I mean, as I write this here in Oklahoma City, it’s a breezy 67°F, so it may not even have to wait depending on where you are.)

Anyway, the Brazilian double hammock by Hammock Sky is one of the comfiest purchases you’ll ever make. It’s made from tightly woven soft cotton and comfortably fits one or two people, wrapping around whoever’s in it like a cocoon. After gently swinging in this cozy thing for a while, you’re practically guaranteed to doze right off. The fabric even feels nice enough on the skin that you don’t have to wear a shirt in it, if that’s your thing.

Seriously, this thing lives up to the hype. Get it for $50 on Amazon — you won’t be disappointed.