Hair Ties for Guys V3.0

The Longhairs guys recently put out a version 3.0 update of their “Hair Ties for Guys” collection. On top of introducing 13 new designs, they’ve also further increased the durability of the hair ties.

In a blog post, they explain how the V3’s improve on the V2’s (as seen in our “Elastic” EDC guide):

After some time we discovered this sleeve was coming off on a small percentage of hair ties. This would expose the seam and the adhesive, which could then stick to your hair, and in some cases the tie would even snap. We found this mostly happened when the hair tie got soaked or immersed in water.


Not only is the sleeve now stitched onto the hair tie, but as a corollary benefit the entire unit is now considerably stronger than ever before.

They aren’t lying about that strength thing:

Check out the V3 collection, where each pack of 4 will run you $12.