‘Hades’ Game Released for iOS (by Netflix)

A few years ago, if you’d told me Netflix would be the best competitor to Apple Arcade and are in fact doing an arguably better job these days of building a library of compelling mobile games, I wouldn’t have believed it. And yet here we are, with a whole bunch of awesome titles available to subscribers, including…

And now they’ve landed probably their best exclusive yet: Hades by Supergiant Games!

In case you missed the last time I wrote about the gameHades is a Greek mythology-inspired action-RPG — technically classified as a ‘roguelike’ — wherein you play as the rebellious and immortal son of Hades who seeks to finally break free of his father’s clutches and escape the Underworld.


But battling out of hell is no easy feat, as you discover in short order. As you send the protagonist into fierce hack-and-slash battle through a series of randomly generated dungeons — each run different from the last — he will die a LOT, each time being returned to his room in Hades’ palace to try again…and again…and again…


With each respawn however, you’ll have the chance to spend your hard-won earnings on new skills and weapons so you can handle threats more easily. You’ll also unravel more of your character’s mysterious history and begin drawing the support of other Olympian gods who, as you develop stronger bonds with them, will grant you various boons to aid you in your escape attempts.


To port the game to mobile, developer Supergiant Games teamed up with Secret 6 to bring along everything you loved about the original game — the lush visuals, pumping soundtrack, wonderful character interactions, and top-notch voice acting — with the addition of all-new, highly customizable touch controls. You can also use a Bluetooth controller if you prefer.

Hades for iOS is free to download for all Netflix subscribers.