‘Gunfire Reborn’ for iPhone & iPad

Until recently, if you asked me for an opinion on first-person shooter games to play on iPhone and iPad, I would’ve told you to just get Call of Duty and be done with it. Maaaybe Apex Legends if you need a backup option.

I mean, there are technically lots of FPS games you can choose from, but not very many over the years have been console-quality or brought anything different to the table. That is, until Gunfire Reborn was ported over from the PC world earlier this year.

Gunfire Reborn is a stylish hybrid of FPS and roguelite, in which you and up to three other players (which can be a mix of iOS and Android users) select a gun-toting anthropomorphic animal character and team up to blast and loot your way through randomized levels, continually reincarnating and growing more powerful throughout each ‘run’ (think: dungeon) as you pick up more weapons, abilities, and upgrades until you finally reach the end and reap your rewards before doing it all over again.


All of this takes place within a charming cel-chaded world that, while not as bloodless as something like Splatoon, could almost be described as ‘cutesy’ — if, you know, there wasn’t an insane amount of shooting and destruction happening at all times. Seriously, there are so many guns to pick up in this game, including…uh, a lizard that shoots fireballs out of its mouth. So, yeah.

Basically, this is Borderlands with animals, and it’s a heckuva fun time, especially if you stick to playing co-op rather than going it alone.


Get Gunfire Reborn for $7 on the App Store.