GUM Technique 517 Sensitive Care Toothbrush

Sometimes you find the exact right product that meets your needs perfectly, so you latch onto it for dear life and hope it never leaves the market. Sometimes that thing is a toothbrush, as silly as it sounds.

The GUM 517 toothbrush is it, folks, at least for those of us who prefer or need ultra-soft bristles. It’s made with sensitive teeth in mind, so the fine bristles are way soft yet still do a great job of cleaning. It also has an interesting “Quad-Grip” thumb pad on the handle that’s shaped in a way that naturally encourages you to brush at a 45-degree angle, which is what dentists recommend for cleaning at the gumline.

In fact, this is a toothbrush a lot of dentists will hand out to their patients. If you got one of these at your last appointment and loved it but didn’t know where to buy it for yourself, well, here you go.

There are a few packs/amounts to choose from: