Guitar String Ring Studio Has a New Name: “Thorum”

Remember those guitar string rings I wrote about back in 2019? It has come to my attention that the studio behind them has since rebranded as Thorum and continues to handmake those same kinds of rings along with a bunch of other styles.

(If you watch the D&D show Critical Role, you’ve probably heard the company’s name come up in several sponsor reads over the past couple years.)

Their rings come in a bunch of different materials, including titanium, tungsten carbide, damascus steel, ceramic, and carbon fiber. Things get even more interesting with the inlay materials though, with available options like meteorite, desert ironwood, whiskey barrel, Arizona turquoise, and actual dinosaur bone.


Give the rings as gifts, use one as your personal wedding ring, or simply wear one for style points. You can’t go wrong, really.

Now, while this isn’t a sponsored post or anything — I just think these guys make really cool stuff and wanted to share it again — they reached out to me after publication and were nice enough to give our readers an exclusive discount. Enter promo code TOOLS at checkout for 15% off the order!