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Chris Gonzales


Lucas Favre

Winter weather is no excuse not to get off your butt and go running once in a while.

Here are six pieces of gear to keep you warm and comfortable even on the coldest of jogs.

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Smartwool "PhD" insulated training gloves. ($60)

Smartwool “PhD” insulated training gloves. ($60)

Smartwool “PhD” Insulated Training Gloves »

Smartwool’s “PhD” insulated training gloves are not only great for cold-weather running, but also for skiing, snowshoeing, and other such wintery fitness activities.

Their interior linings are made from a terry loop-knit Merino wool blend that offers both breathability and enough warmth for all but the most hardcore winter runners, while their nylon/merino wool/elastane exteriors sport reflective bands for pre-dawn and/or twilight jogs, along with reinforced palms for grabbing cold surfaces (in case you feel like doing a few pullups as you pass the playground along your route).

The Buff merino wool headwear. ($24–$58, depending on color)

The Buff merino wool headwear. ($24–$58, depending on color)

Buff Merino Wool Headwear »

A merino wool buff is somewhat reminiscent of a thneed in that it’s a versatile, tubular-looking thing with a bunch of different uses. You can wear it a dozen different ways, including as a neckerchief, balaclava (think ninja mask), scarf, sahariane, face mask, and more.

However you wear it, the soft, stretchy merino wool wicks, insulates (even when wet), and resists odors naturally.

Sugoi "MidZero" running tights. (currently $50 for men's, $85 for women's — and no, we don't know why)

Sugoi “MidZero” running tights. (currently $50 for men’s, $85 for women’s — and no, we don’t know why)

Sugoi “MidZero” Running Tights »

The Sugoi performance apparel company’s “MidZero” running tights for men and women are supremely comfortable and will keep your legs warm during even ridiculously cold runs. If you’re not quite comfortable being seen in tights, just put on a pair of loose running shorts over them. Your legs will thank you.

 (generally $20–$21 per pair for both men's and women's sizes)

(generally $20–$21 per pair for both men’s and women’s sizes)

Darn Tough “Vermont” Hiking Socks »

When it comes to running, there’s almost no more important thing to keep warm than your feet. Darn Tough’s hiking socks are one of those “buy it for life” items you’ll inevitably be glad you ponied up the dough for.

They’re not labeled as “running socks” per se, but for winter jogs, they do a great job of keeping your feet warm and dry without sliding or bunching. Plus, they’re available in funky colorways instead of only boring black and white, and they’re durable enough to last through many runs and washes.

Saucony Peregrine 7 ICE+ running shoes. ($135 and up for both men's and women's sizes)

Saucony Peregrine 7 ICE+ running shoes. ($135 and up for both men’s and women’s sizes)

Saucony Peregrine 7 ICE+ Running Shoes »

If you’re running in wintery conditions, Saucony’s sturdy Peregrine 7 ICE+ running shoes sport the kind of snow and ice traction that feels like sorcery when you first try them. They’re also light, comfortable, and water-resistant. Just don’t wear them indoors.

Mizuno “Static Breath” Thermo Softshell Jacket »

Mizuno’s “Static Breath” jackets help keep you warm without weighing you down. They’re wind- and water-resistant, moisture-wicking, and has 360-degree reflectivity for your safety. Each jacket has two side pockets, as well as thumbholes on the sleeves.

The only con is that there’s no hood, but that’s why we recommended that merino wool buff earlier.