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We’re down to the last twelve days before Christmas, and you may have already checked out our huge Christmas Catalog for 2019, but what about stocking stuffers?

We’ve got you. Below you’ll find 8 small and interesting gifts perfect for fitting into the stockings of loved ones.

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  1. CASEBUDi watch travel case. (~$17, available in 3 sizes)

    Designed to hold up to the rigors of travel or simply be kept in one’s everyday bag, this watch case features a ballistic nylon shell with a soft nylon interior to keep the watch cushioned and safe. The YKK zipper is, of course, buttery smooth and makes the simple act of opening the case enjoyable.

  2. elago AW3 case for Apple AirPods. ($11)

    This retro-styled case makes a pair of Apple AirPods (generations 1 or 2) look like a vintage Apple monitor. It’s made from a flexible silicone that will protect the AirPods from drops and impacts, and since the case doesn’t have a built-in hinge of its own, Elago has added a nonslip coating inside the cap so it doesn’t fall off when you open it.

    As you’d expect, the bottom of the case has an opening so you can still charge the AirPods — and what’s more, the case supports wireless charging!

  3. The “Thinket Now” fidget toy. ($68–$135, depending on model)

    The third generation of David Weinstock’s neat fidget toy is a satisfying stress-relief device that offers two tactile sensations you can switch between at will: the original “satisfying bounce” effect (that operates on a rare-earth magnet mechanism hidden inside), and a “reassuring thud” achieved by a removable O-ring.

  4. Vargo titanium wood stove. ($60)

    You’re probably thinking, “A stove? As a stocking stuffer?” That’s right, this little guy is comprised of a series of hinge-connected panels that fold flat when not in use, so it’ll fit in a stocking just fine.

    When open, the panels wrap around a hexagon base, creating a sort of teepee-like hollow cone where wood can be added to start a small fire for cooking on the trail. The top opening focuses the heat perfectly for when you place a pot on top, while the swinging door on front makes it easy to add more wood as needed and generally control the airflow.

    More info in this post.

  5. NITECORE “TUP” 1,000-lumen rechargeable pocket flashlight. ($65)

    All the power of a full-size torch packed into a supremely compact size that fits easily into a pocket or on your keychain. Has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can run for up to 70 hours straight, plus an OLED display that can tell you the flashlight’s battery level and voltage, its brightness level, and the runtime remaining.

    All of this comes in a high-strength aluminum alloy shell with a scratch-resistant hard-anodized finish.

  6. Paww WaveCast portable Bluetooth audio transmitter. ($50)

    Wireless headphones are great, but they don’t necessarily work with in-flight entertainment out of the gate. This little device plugs into the airline seat or TV, enabling wireless functionality for watching movies or shows with your favorite Bluetooth cans or AirPods — and up to two pairs, simultaneously.

    The two input pins fold and unfold individually, making the device compatible with single- and double-inputs used across different airlines. Clever. And, you get another advantage in the form of not having to move wires around when the flight attendant comes around to drop off your food and drink.

  7. Sondre Travel “Voyage” wallet. ($20)

    Made from genuine leather and 300D polyester fabric exterior with a soft nylon interior, this handsome minimalist wallet features a nylon-lined, RFID-blocking center card compartment that fits 6 cards comfortably, with a quick-access pull tab to easily get at them. The front and back each sport an additional card/cash pocket, and there’s a mini slip pocket on the front where you can store something like an SD card or a key.

  8. Fante “Aunt Vittorina’s” champagne stopper. ($10)

    Keep champagne (or any sparkling wine) fresh with this stopper, which reseals the bottle to preserve those bubbles longer. Once the top-fitting stopper’s been inserted, the little swinging arms let it clamp onto the neck of the bottle to hold the seal firmly in place — that way, the CO2 pressure doesn’t pop the thing off when you least expect it. There’s also a little hole in the bottom of the stopper that lets it balloon from that same pressure, creating the best possible seal.

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