June 12, 2024

Written by

Chris Gonzales


Derek Owens

We understand that not all fathers are the same — we’re all dads here ourselves — and with Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to celebrate that fact with a variety of gift ideas rather than appealing to just one type of guy.

Regardless of what type of dad yours is, he’s bound to love one or more of the excellent gift ideas below.

* * *


☕️ For the dad who badly needs to upgrade that old Mr. Coffee machine:

Technivorm Moccamaster “Cup-One” Single-Serving Coffee Maker »


Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the Moccamaster Cup-One makes a perfect 10-ounce cup of coffee in just four minutes. Its quiet brew process ensures a more peaceful morning experience, and its copper boiling element maintains a consistent water temperature between 196°F–205°F.

  + If he needs to brew more than one cup at a time, get him the Moccamaster KB instead.


⌚️ For the sharply dressed dad:

Bulova Men’s Classic “Sutton” 4-Hand Automatic Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch »


Seamlessly blending classic elegance and style with contemporary design and functionality, the Bulova Sutton stainless steel two-tone is a statement-making timepiece for the discerning wearer who appreciates refined excellence.

It incorporates a Japan-made self-winding movement powered by the wearer’s own body movements, eliminating the need for batteries (as long as it’s worn every day) while ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of time. Apertures on the front and back show off the watch’s heartbeat-like inner workings, which he may be tempted to stare at for hours if he’s not careful.


🔩 For the dad constantly heading down to the hardware store:

S&W Manufacturing Wall-Mounted Thread Checker »


Any dad who has made multiple runs to the hardware store just to pick up some specific nuts or bolts has likely made use of the thread checker displays they have there. He could’ve saved a lot of time if he had one of his own mounted in the garage or workshop.

It’s the exact same thing you’ll find in places like Home Depot or Lowe’s — an easily referenced wall display where you can check the threads and lengths of the most common nuts, bolts, and screws, in both metric and imperial sizes. Never again will he have to sort through his pile of miscellaneous fasteners without a clue what’s what.


😎 For the dad who’d rather be chilling in the backyard:

Best Choice Products’ Zero-Gravity Folding Outdoor Chair with Sun Shade »


This folding zero-gravity outdoor chair will be your dad’s ticket to lounging in the sun anywhere he likes this summer. Could be in the backyard of course, but also on beach trips, at cookouts and tailgate parties, at campsites, etc.

All he has to do is sit down and lean back, and the seat will effortlessly float back into a comfortably reclined position that will make his cares melt away as he basks in the sunlight, watching the clouds go by. If it’s a bit too bright out, he can easily flip the chair’s built-in adjustable folding canopy from behind the headrest to shade his face.

Locking knobs under each armrest ensure the the seat stays set at whatever angle he desires, and the removable side tray gives him a place to set down drink(s), a book, his phone, and a pair of sunglasses.


📖🕚 For the bookworm dad:

The “Author Clock” by Mechanical Design Labs »

($199 or $349, depending on size)

Speaking of books, the Author Clock is a “novel” (get it?) and beautifully crafted device with an e-paper display that shows the current time through more than 13,000 — and growing — unique literary passages hand-selected from great and diverse works of fiction written around the world over the past seven centuries.

There’s a story snippet for every single minute of the day, and some of those minutes have multiple quotes assigned to them, and more quotes are added all the time via Wi-Fi, so there’s really no end to the variety seen.


🚀🖊️ For the dad who’s watched every season of Star Trek:

Novium “Hoverpen 2.0: Interstellar Edition” Floating Pen »


If ever an analog writing tool could have been from the future, the Hoverpen Interstellar Edition would be it. When not in use, this aircraft-grade aluminum pen rests within the ring of magnetic repulsion generated by its zinc-alloy pedestal stand, suspended at a 23.5° angle as if by magic.

Not only will this be an impossible-to-ignore centerpiece of your dad’s desk space, it’s also a cool fidget toy that spins freely for about 20 seconds, which should prove useful whenever he needs a break from a task he’s working on. The magnetic cap that snaps itself into place from a short distance can be considered a secondary fidget mechanism.


👨‍🍳 For the dad who wants only the finest kitchen utensils:

All-Clad Stainless Steel “Cookware” Measuring Cups »


If you want to gift dad some measuring cups that will actually wow him, we’d go with this five-piece All-Clad set. Each of the five is designed to look like a miniature version of the company’s iconic stainless steel saucepans, down to the riveted-on handles.

They’re made from heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel that is both dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and the entire set should last a lifetime (or several). All of their markings are laser-etched into the steel rather than painted on, and there are sub-measurements on the insides of the cups for extra convenience.


👾🧇 For the dad who still likes playing with his food:

Fizz Creations “Tetris” Waffle Maker »


If your dad is the type of guy who never really grew up, he’ll love this Tetris waffle maker, which will let him cook up seven iconic tetromino shapes he can play with while he eats.

He can use whatever waffle batter he likes, and for some added fun, tell him to try adding a little food coloring for the most authentically geeky Tetris experience. His inner childhood gamer is gonna love it.


✍️ For the dad who prefers pen and paper but also wants to stay connected:

reMarkable 2 “Paper” Tablet »


If your dad is the type who has piles of paper notebooks containing all his brilliant ideas from over the years, hand him the reMarkable 2 tablet to try instead. Designed to mimic the tactile feel of writing on paper, it’s as close to analog as a digital device can get, while allowing him to share his thoughts and doodles as he likes.

With this digital notepad in hand, he can effortlessly capture all those fleeting ideas before they slip away, jot down meeting notes he needs to reference later, make sketches, mark up documents, sign PDF files, and more.

The device’s textured paper-like display, responsive stylus, and crisp monochrome “ink” technology all offer a writing experience so natural, he’ll forget he’s using a digital device.