Written by

Chris Gonzales


Annie Spratt

Every once in a while we like to put together a little EDC gear guide, each one featuring a simple list of everyday carry items based around a theme. This week, we thought we’d try something slightly different: Rather than EDC items, we are suggesting a few pieces of attire on a specific theme.

What connects the items below is that they’re all elastic in some way. You don’t necessarily need to wear them all at once, depending on how dorky that makes you feel — it’s more a list of ideas than anything. However, there is something to be said for how easy elastic garb is to deal with, so you may find yourself mixing and matching them as needed.

* * *


  1. Gelante elastic fabric belt. ($10)

    Ever lost or gained weight and had to either buy a new belt or go the ghetto route (like I have in the past) and just keep poking holes until the thing is practically falling apart? Forget that garbage and just get one of these elastic belts instead.

    They do have various sizes you can choose from, but each one is stretchy and can accommodate a wide variety of belt sizes. You get the exact right fit every time you buckle it.

  2. AKTIVX SPORTS no-tie athletic shoelaces. ($6)

    Tying laces every time you go out the door gets tedious after a while. Install these elastic ones on your favorite pair of shoes and you won’t have to think about it anymore.

  3. Hair tie by The Longhairs. ($12 per 4-pack)

    Hair Ties for Guys are…well, exactly what they say they are. If you’re a long-haired dude who wants to keep your locks out of your food and your face, these are a great way to go. The elastic has a nice, solid pop to it, and yet the material feels soft, almost like a t-shirt. They’ve got a variety of stylish packs to choose from.

    The one pictured here comes from the “Jolly Rogers” set.

  4. TGT elastic + leather wallet. ($38–$48)

    The TGT Wallet (pronounced “tight wallet”) sports a compact design that still manages to comfortably fit up to 20 cards and/or some folded cash. Pictured above is the Oxblood with Midnight Accent Deluxe.

  5. iCraftWallet elastic band for Apple Watch. ($25)

    This Etsy shop’s handmade elastic bands fit all models of the Apple Watch and are super easy to slip on and off your wrist. They’re soft and lightweight, making them perfectly comfortable to wear all day long. Pictured above is the stripe pattern.

We will likely do more of these themed style guides in the future. In the meantime, check out our EDC guides here.