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Chris Gonzales


Analog Watch Co.

Never let it be said that we don’t have an appreciation for fine product materials.

We’ve already covered leather and waxed canvas in the past. For today’s EDC, we’ll be focusing on a number of items crafted from wood, or at least incorporate wood in their design. Some of these you might not think there’d be a wooden version of.

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  1. New Custom wooden cartography luggage tags. ($69)

    Gorgeously engraved luggage tags you design and customize every aspect of. If you do a lot of flying, you’ll appreciate how often these will help your luggage stand out from the pack on the baggage claim carousel.

  2. Woodzee x Maker’s Mark recycled oak whisky barrel sunglasses. ($150 for black nonpolarized lenses, $175 for blue-green nonpolarized)

    American-made sunglasses crafted from recycled whisky barrel staves.

  3. Field Notes “Cherry Graph” edition. ($10 per 3-pack)

    These memo books sport the same clever cherry wood covers as Field Notes’ previous limited-run “Shelterwood” edition, except now their cover text is black and their 48 pages (per book) have changed from ruled to 3/16” (5mm) graph paper.

  4. Vestige 2.0 wallet. (Current price unknown because Tyler Pratt’s Etsy shop is on temporary break. Last known price was $20)

    A minimal wallet made from genuine leather with a walnut wood “backbone” to help it keep its shape. Holds up to six cards, a few folded bills, and a key on the outer-backside.

  5. Daneson “Cinnamint No. 7” toothpicks. ($20 for 4 bottles [temporarily sold out as of this writing], or $120 for 24 bottles)

    A four-bottle pack of premium toothpacks flavored like cinnamon with a subtle hint of raw mint.

  6. Miniot Contour wooden case for iPhone 6/6s. ($149 USD)

    Made from carefully selected walnut wood and meticulously fused with a rim of dense maple for extra strength and a touch of finesse. Also available for iPhone 6/6s Plus.

  7. Analog Watch Co.’s “Carpenter Collection” watch. ($150)

    An eco-friendly, gender-neutral timepiece with a body CNC-carved from a solid piece of wood, and a band comprised of a flexible wooden veneer supported by leather underneath. Comes in a variety of wood types.

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