July 6, 2016

Written by

Chris Gonzales


Josh Ginter

This week we’re going to try something a little different.

Normally, we would publish a more thorough buying guide; today, we’re testing the waters with something a bit more “quick and dirty”, with a simple list of everyday carry items based around a theme — in this case, the kind of items a city-dwelling writer might wear or keep on hand.

We’ll do more guides like this in the future if readers dig it enough, so please let us know what you think! Let’s get started.

* * *



  1. iPad Air 2 ($399–$529) + Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro keyboard case ($153)
  2. Baron Fig Confidant hardcover notebook ($16)
  3. Field Notes “Pitch Black” memo book ($10 for 3-pack)
  4. Lamy 2000 fountain pen ($120–$145, depending on nib size)
  5. Ugmonk waxed canvas messenger bag — Navy ($235)
  6. Warby Parker “Oliver” eyeglasses (starting at $95, including prescription lenses)

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