June 13, 2019

Written by

Chris Gonzales


Dawid Zawiła

Just because you live a comfortable existence in the city and rarely have to face any sort of survival scenario doesn’t mean your EDC loadout can’t have a little tactical flair.

* * *


  1. Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops wallet. ($149)

    This vertical-oriented utility bifold is one of the most resilient wallets you’ll ever buy. It combines an aerospace-grade, Cerakote-coated aluminum chassis with a textured DTEX fabric exterior that’s both water- and scratch-resistant (not to mention feels great in the hand) and is held together with mil-spec bolts. It’s also equipped with not one but two hidden multi-tools made from high-carbon, heat-treated stainless steel.

  2. Gear Infusion Key Titan carabiner. ($26)

    This clever carabiner makes it easy to organize your keys and prevent them from jingling. It uses a combination of an angled “sweeper” gate (which continually pushes the keys together) and an elastic band to hold the keys in place. When you need a key, just untuck the tip of it from the elastic band and swivel it down.

    The carabiner’s Grade 5 Titanium body gives it excellent durability and corrosion resistance, and it has an integrated bottle opener and ¼” slip driver to make it even more useful.

  3. NITECORE “TUP” 1000-lumen rechargeable pocket flashlight. ($63)

    All the power of a full-size torch packed into a supremely compact size that fits easily into a pocket or on your keychain. Has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can run for up to 70 hours straight, plus an OLED display that can tell you the flashlight’s battery level and voltage, its brightness level, and the runtime remaining. All of this comes in a high-strength aluminum alloy shell with a scratch-resistant hard-anodized finish.

  4. Urban Armor Gear Active Strap for Apple Watch. ($60)

    When it comes to Apple Watch bands, it doesn’t get more rugged than the UAG Active Strap, which is built from a high-strength nylon weave with custom stainless steel hardware and a maximum-hold velcro fastener. This strap provides the ultimate outdoor protection, no matter how rigorous the activity, and it does so in comfort and style.

  5. CRKT “CEO” folding pocket knife. ($42)

    The slim, low-profile “CEO” folding pocket knife is a modern gentleman’s knife, perfect for opening packages and sealed letters or trimming loose threads on a suit jacket. It’s intended to be worn in the pocket of a dress/work shirt without drawing attention. The clip makes it look like a mere pen in your pocket until it needs deploying.

    The knife as a whole is super lightweight, weighing in at only 2.1 oz. And, with the press of a button, the long blade flies out in the blink of an eye.

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