Written by

Chris Gonzales


Aidan Meyer

The web is a hectic and crazy place. Those of us who live and work online sometimes need to get away and take a break from it all.

Here are a few items that can help.

* * *


  1. CR Brand’s Mini Pocketbook. ($7)

    A beautiful, durable, and efficient combination of a 28-page dot-grid notebook — perfect for sketching or writing — and a wallet that’s designed to hold a few cards and a little bit of cash.

  2. MINIM playing cards. ($10)

    These are about as minimalist as a deck can be and still be playable. The suits are each represented by simple, reductive geometric shapes, while the card backs are marked with a mere diagonal line. Perfect for playing solitaire or any other card game.

  3. The Cruiser Compass by Best Made Co. ($168)

    A German-engineered “lensatic” style instrument that ensures rapid and exact navigational readings to fractions of a degree.

  4. Hanayama’s “Nutcase” cast metal puzzle. ($10)

    The playing cards listed above are one way to entertain yourself offline, and this little puzzle is another. Don’t be deceived by its simple appearance though; this thing is a definite brain teaser.

  5. Dixon Ticonderoga #2 black pencil. ($8 per 24-pack)

    A sleeker and more grown-up version of the classic yellow-and-green pencil that the other kids loved borrowing from you back in school.

  6. DUX adjustable brass pencil sharpener. ($17)

    Even when it comes to pencil sharpeners, sometimes you just have to treat yourself a little. This one is precision-made from solid brass with a raw finish, and can be adjusted between one of three sharpening settings — blunt, normal, and fine — with a click of its knurled dial. Made to last a lifetime.

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